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You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible!



in person, phone or video conference

Temporary Management

we manage your zoo for a limited time

Why do we do

what we do?

In order to make the right decisions that create a win-win situation for humans and animals, you need the most complete picture and understanding possible for everyone involved. We make our decades of experience and our international network available, assist with decision-making processes and planning, and pass on our practical knowledge in training and advanced training courses.


Education & Training

Education and training enhance and refresh knowledge and know-how, strengthen professional and personal skills, increase self-confidence to master new challenges and stimulate further development. We offer education & training for practical use, e.g. courses on dog education, transport of live wild animals, and complete animal care & keeper training programs.

Field Trips

Expert guided field trips to selected nature reserves, zoos and aquariums in Austria, Europe and North America provide a unique first hand experience. Originally designed for zoo employees and students of zoology and veterinary medicine, the courses are open to all those interested in animals and nature.

Consulting & Coaching

We develop bespoke practical solutions for zoological facilities, animal keeping, and animal care and provide profound and personal expert support during implementation.
Consulting and problem solving is also available by phone and video conference


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