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The transport of live wild animals is a serious task that should only be carried out by experts. Knowledge of and compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulations regarding animal welfare, means of transport, permits, animal identification, animal health and wildlife trafficking is an essential prerequisite for the correct and professional transport of wild animals.
This workshop will provide a basic insight into national and international legal frameworks regulating the protection, keeping, trade, and transport of live wild animals and will show you ways to navigate through and work with them.

Program *

  • why animal transport
  • transport components
  • transport from an animal‘s view
  • the legal framework
  • CITES & species protection
  • veterinary requirements
  • identification & registration
  • IATA Live Animals Regulations
  • CITES non-air guidelines
  • document requirements
  • import & export of wildlife
  • transport planning
  • personell qualifications
  • fitness for transport
  • practical exercise
  • presentations & discussion

*  program changes reserved

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