• Date
    • upon request
    • please ask us for individual dates
  • Location

    Po-Delta, Italy

  • Duration

    4 days including travel days

  • Language


  • Number of participants

    a minimum of 8 participants is required

  • Fee

    upon request

Expert-Guided Field trip

Where the river Po flows into the sea, one of the most charming landscapes in northern Italy has emerged. Human activity and nature seem to work in harmony here. The Po Delta is a paradise for numerous bird species. Among the more than 370 species of nesting birds, migratory birds and winter guests, there are various species of herons, egrets, ducks, terns, grebes, birds of prey but also wading birds and oystercatchers which have already disappeared in many other parts of Italy. We will try to spot as many species as possible on foot and by boat and maybe even see some flamingos that occur in the area.


hotel/B&B bookings in the Po Delta by participants

getting there

train, bus, car; travel arrangements by participants


binoculars/spotting scope, field guides highly recommended

Program *

  • wildlife & human activity
  • life in the Po Delta
  • endangered species & conservation
  • agriculture & wildlife conservation
  • bird watching
  • nature photography

ECTS accredited with several universities

all participants receive a certificate

* program changes reserved

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